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Biden Acts to Ease Gas Prices, But You Can Save Money Now | Personal Finance

Apps like GasBuddy track local gas prices, which can show if it’s better to fill up at the station near your home or by your workplace. And while warehouse clubs like Costco typically require membership fees, many have their own gas stations that offer lower prices, which may alone justify the dues.

Change how you drive to increase fuel economy

Believe it or not, adjusting how you speed up, brake or use cruise control can impact how much gas is used on your trip.

For starters, slow down. According to a study from car-shopping website Edmunds, slowing down from 75 to 65 mph increased fuel economy up to 14%.

Embrace cruise control. Edmunds found that driving at a constant speed can save up to 14% versus constantly changing lanes, accelerating and decelerating.

And idling eats up a significant amount of gas, even though you’re not moving. If you’re waiting outside school to pick up your kids, or you’ve pulled over at the end of your block to chat with a neighbor, turn off the engine. Edmunds found that avoiding excessive idling can cut fuel use up to 19%.

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