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Things to notice when dining out and shopping

We had dinner this week at two small restaurants that had 3% and 3.25% add-on surcharge fees for using a credit card. It may not seem like a lot to most diners, but it does make the statement, loud and clear, that “you are paying more for everything that you do and buy when you use a credit card,” and that we all are paying more in most cases.

It may not be that the merchant fees that retailers pay are plainly stated or collected in in the form of these surcharges like with these restaurants, which is something new after the pandemic, but those fees are priced into the costs of the goods and services that we are all buying. In fact, in cases like these restaurants, it really is a “double whammy,” because it didn’t look to me like the menu prices were less than in the past. You don’t have to look further to see that these merchant fees are built into the cost of goods than at those gas stations that advertise a regular and a cash discount price.

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